Booking Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Camping Huts

Llain is a quiet, family friendly location, ideal for a relaxing family holiday in the west of Wales. We have 4 huts which sleep two. Huts have two beds, curtains or blinds, heating and electricity and small table and chairs. A picnic bench and a bbq area will be available outside.

For group bookings (ie, two huts or more), please contact us through the website.

No more than 2 people per hut.

All accommodation and buildings are NO SMOKING. Thank you.

Bookings: Arrivals 4pm to 6pm – if you are going to arrive after 6pm, please let us know. Departure on last day – strictly by 10am.  Subletting of huts is strictly forbidden.


Damages or Breakages

Please ensure you leave your hut in a clean and tidy state.

Please note any damage to site facilities or to a hut, including when a hut is left in an unsatisfactory state, will incur additional charges. Any items left behind in a hut must be claimed within two weeks of departure. If relevant, postage and packing charges for the return of goods will apply.

£10 deposit is required at the beginning of your stay to cover damage. This will be refunded on departure. If there has been any damage the cost of repairs or replacement will be taken out of the deposit.

If repairs or replacement exceeds the £10 the additional amount required for repairs or replacement will be due before you leave the site.

Guests are NOT permitted to remove any of the hut’s provided furniture

Age Restrictions

We do not accept bookings from unaccompanied groups aged 18 or under. We are NOT a site if you want to ‘party’ – Llain is a peaceful, rural location ideal for relaxing, with lots of peace and quiet.


Pets are not allowed in the huts but camping groups may have a small dog but must be kept on a lead, all dog waste must be picked up and placed in waste bin next to the blue las bin.


We have a designated Camp Fire field which can be used with permission of the site manager. Fires are not permitted anywhere else on site


There is a bbq provided with your cabin. If any disposable bbqs are used, they must be kept off the grass and off the deckingand disposed of sensibly.

Chinese Lanterns are strictly prohibited.

No camping stoves are allowed in camping huts


We are a Low Noise Policy Site. Please consider other guests and keep noise to a minimum, especially after our 10pm watershed. Loud music is not permitted on site.

Driving at Llain

The speed limit is 5mph around the Centre. PLEASE ENSURE YOU STICK TO THIS SPEED LIMIT. This is for Health and Safety reasons, as there may be children on site.

No transit vans allowed on site without prior notice.


There is a parking space provided with each hut or camping pitch. Your tariffs cover you for one car, additional cars must be parked in the car park. Please let us know if you wish to bring more vehicles. A charge may be made during busy periods.

Waste & Rubbish

Wipes, sanitary waste, nappies, cloths etc must not be flushed down the toilets. Bins are provided – please make sure you use them. These items must be wrapped and put in the bin provided.

At the end of your stay please put all waste in the Blue LAS bin near to the shower block.

Please do not drop litter


We have a recycling policy and a recycling bin will be in each hut along with a general waste bin.

Please make use of the recycling facilities provided. We have recycling bins for glass, cardboard, plastics and paper near to reception.


Please let us know if any repairs are required to your hut during your stay. The owners reserve the right to enter your cabin for service or repairs.

Site Safety

Please ensure your children do not use the activity areas as play areas, and do not play on any activity equipment

The Lake

Please ensure your children are accompanied when passing the lake, and if feeding the ducks. Please do not allow your children to play around this area.

Emergency telephone numbers

A list of emergency numbers is available in each cabin

The owners of the park are absolved of all liability for accidents, loss or damage to guests’ personal property.

The owners of the park reserve the rights to ask guests not observing the conditions to leave the park without refunds and with immediate effect.

We have a credit/debit card facility, available to use on transactions on £5 or over. If a transaction is less than £5, then there is a transaction fee of £1.00 per transaction.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool will be open as much as possible but will be closed at times for cleaning and maintenance

Guests using the pool do so at their own risk and Children must be accompanied at all times.

It is expected that all visitors have read and understood these terms and conditions.

You will need to bring:

  • Sleeping bags/duvets
  • Toiletries
  • Towels/tea towels
  • Pans & BBQ tongs
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